Who am I?

Hi, I am Priyabrata (in short Priyo). I am a traveller. I believe picking up my bag and exploring the next new place is the best way to experience and enjoy the ride of life. On my sojourns, I explore new places, learn new cultures, stay with new people, enjoy local food, and a lot more.

‘The entire world is full of stories, which can be read only through experience.’

I too have a story…

At 26, I took a break from fire-fighting at my job, after spending six successful years in the corporate world. Travelling is my passion, and I consider myself lucky to be bitten by the travelling bug at a very young age. Over time, I learned that travelling is not only visiting places or enjoying vacations; it is an experience that leaves impressions which can be some time ‘Life changing’.

I am on my journey and this is my story. You are most welcome to join me, and see the world as I see it.

‘At the end of the day, life is a journey and we all are travellers’

Where am I from?

I am a proud Indian; I am from Bengal.

What else do I like to do?

Apart from travelling, I love reading books, taking photographs and practising Yoga.

How do I travel?

I mostly travel solo with my backpack on my shoulders and the world right before me.

How will my travel tales help you?

These tales will help you experience the true joy of travelling and will aspire you to travel more frequently.