Who am I?

I am Priyabrata (in short Priyo). I am a traveller on this beautiful journey called ‘life’. I believe life is a beautiful journey and we all need to celebrate each moment of this journey. For me Travelling is one of the mediums of self exploration.

‘The entire world is full of stories, which can be read only through experience.’

I too have a story…

After spending six successful years in the corporate world, I took a permanent break from corporate life. Travelling is my passion, and I consider myself lucky to be bitten by the travelling bug at a very young age. Over time, I learned that travelling is not only visiting places or enjoying vacations; it is an experience that leaves impressions which can be some time ‘Life changing’.

At 26 I took a call to start my journey towards self exploration!

I am on my journey and this is my story. You are most welcome to join me, and see the world as I see it.

‘At the end of the day, life is a journey and we all are travellers’

Where am I from?

I am an Indian; I am from Bengal.

What else do I like to do?

Apart from travelling, I love reading books, taking photographs and practising Yoga.

How do I travel?

For me travelling is a two way journey; inward and outward. I mostly travel solo with my backpack on my shoulders and the world right before me.

How will my travel tales help you?

My stories are not travel blogs and they are not going to help you with planning your trips. Instead these travel stories may help you to experience the true joy of travelling and also they might inspire you to start your journey of self exploration.

Do I write only travel stories?

No, as I said earlier that I am not a travel blogger. For me travelling is only one of the mediums of self exploration. Apart from my transcendental travel stories, I write articles; based on my experiences.

Do I teach meditation?

I believe meditation is a unique experience and a necessary step towards self exploration; and meditation cannot be taught by anyone. It is a gradual progress which can be achieved by daily practice towards the right direction. With my practical experiences I can certainly help you to progress in this beautiful journey.

Do you want to make your ‘journey of life’ more meaningful? 

Here are some stories which can inspire you to do so. ☺

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For more information; feel free to contact me from this page.