Meditation – A real lifeline.

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Suppose you are sailing a boat, and you are in the middle of the sea. Suddenly a furious storm appears.

What you will do next?

I am sure that, you will try to survive. The only thought which will be in your mind that is ‘How I can save my boat and my life’.

Now, imagine the opposite situation.

You are sailing your boat, and you are in the middle of the sea. Now the sea is calm and the weather is pleasant. You are witnessing a beautiful sunrise.

What you will be thinking then?

Maybe you will think about a beautiful song.
Maybe you will ideate a new theme for your next poem or a novel.
Maybe you will think about your business plan or strategy.
Maybe you will make a commitment to work harder.

What is the difference?

The difference is in the situation. When the environment is peaceful. Then it supports your creativity, work, and thoughts.

A similar situation happens in our minds.

When our mind is being bombarded with unwanted and uncontrolled thoughts, then we lose our focus, we lose our creativity. We start worrying about unnecessary situations.

But when the same mind is composed and clam. Then we can produce much better work and our mind will support our work.


Why meditation?

Meditation is a process of ceasing unwanted thoughts. It can help you to remove the ‘storm’ of your mind.

It is being practiced by humans for thousands of years. Many people think that meditation is a religious practice, but this is not true. If you want to understand the nature of your mind (and life as well) and strengthen your thought-process, then practicing meditation is your lifeline.

Just take away a few minutes from your daily routine and start practicing meditation; you will start seeing improvements in your life.

Remember you should rule your mind, otherwise, it will be ruling you. The choice is yours!

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