Simplicity – the key to a happy life

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While browsing facebook profiles; in some pages, you might have noticed relationship status as ‘It’s complicated’ but I am sure that you have never encountered a status stating ‘it’s simple’.

Have you ever explored the reason behind this?

Because we consider ‘simple’ conditions as the normal condition of life.
I am sure that in many times you feel that your life has been filled with complexity; it could be in work, in a relationship, and in many other things.

But, how can you avoid this?

It’s very simple.

Remember ‘simplicity’ or ‘being simple’ is the true way of living a meaningful life.
Whenever your life will be derailed from the track of simplicity, you will feel that your life has become complex.
I can suggest two ways to avoid complexity and to live a simple life

Awareness – be the master of your thoughts

When we were born, our mind was like an empty page.

Then everything was so simple for us. But slowly we started learning the ways of leaving life and as a by-product, we introduced complexity to our mind.

Remember that mind is the first place where the ‘seed of complexity’ starts germination.

But as we have trained our minds to think in a complex way ; we can train him to think simply as well. Just try to be aware of your thoughts, and then you can easily restrict or avoid complex thoughts.

You can ask me how can I be aware of my thoughts?

There are multiple ways to deal with it. One way of this is the habit of writing journals.

‘Writing is the mirror of our thoughts’

You can start writing journals to reflect the status of your thoughts. It will definitely help you to improve the quality of your thought process.

Consumption – control the food of your mind

‘What we consume that we think and what we think, that we are’

Here, by the term consumption’, I want to categorize everything that we intake in our daily life. It includes what we eat, what we drink, what we watch, what we listen etc.

Consumption leaves a deep impression in our thought process.

You can verify this with a short experiment.

Read a thriller book and then try to meditate on your thought process and read a self-help book then try to meditate on your thoughts.
You will notice that you are experiencing much better stability and calmness after reading that self-help book compared to that thriller book.

If you want to move ahead of your complex thoughts and want to solve complex life problems then firstly you have to be aware of your consumption.  Then slowly get control over your thought process.

At first, it might feel very tough but with time and practice, you can master the art of simplicity.

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